301 Derby Dames
A Premier Roller Derby League in Southern Maryland

Photo by Frank Mitchell Photography

What is Roller Derby?

Roller derby is a competitive sport played on quad roller skates which combines the speed and agility of speed skating and the physicality of hockey. The 301 Derby Dames is a women's league in the Southern Maryland/ Northern Virigina area and plays by the WFTDA ruleset.

Check out the Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA). They are the governing body for women's flat track roller derby.

Who are the 301 Derby Dames?

The 301 Derby Dames are local athletes who are Southern Maryland proud! This league believes in the city and its citizens. No matter the level of skating ability, each skater and staff member works together to ensure that every member becomes the best skater possible as well as a valuable asset in representing the City of La Plata.

We are a group of dedicated, empowered women who want to be competitive at the sport of roller derby. We're always looking for new skaters, referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers to help our league succeed! Click on the recruitment page for more information!

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Upcoming Events:

Off Season Opener / November 19th

The 301 Derby Dames are hosting a full day of scrimmaging. Are you a seasoned skater, looking for more track time? We want you! Are you a freshie, looking for more experience? We want you! Interested in playing Co-Ed? We want you! Interested in Officiating? We want you!

We will have 30 minute scrimmages beginning at 9 am and going every hour until 6 pm. These scrimmages include: WFTDA, MRDA, Freshie, and Co-Ed. Team Maryland is going to top off our day with a red and white scrimmage (get ready to cheer for the best in the state). A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Team Maryland, cause we want them to kick butt and take names at BOTAS! Spectators are welcome to come and watch for $15. Register here!