301 Derby Dames
A Premier Roller Derby League in Southern Maryland

Derby Name & Number:  CATastrophe  #94


Started skating:  I started skating when I was like 6, I had Barbie skates and everything. But I started playing roller derby in like February 2014. 

Favorite position: Jammer

Theme song: Legacy by Memphis May Fire


Derby wife:  Actually I'm married to Thor, he's too busy being a god to play roller derby. 

Derby motto:  "I get knocked down, but I get up again, ya your never gonna keep me down !"



Why derby: I saw Whip It, and I was just like.. I NEED TO DO THIS. Then after looking at a few leagues, I found ours and I love it. First female sports team I've been on where they aren't catty and have cliques & little to no drama. Finally found a sport/team where it's about playing hard, having fun, & they know the meaning of teamwork.