301 Derby Dames
A Premier Roller Derby League in Southern Maryland

Derby Name & Number:  Fatal DisTracktion  #326


Started skating: I’ve been skating my entire life! However, I just started playing roller derby in October of 2014. 


Favorite position: Can’t choose… I love being able to block and jam.


Theme song: “Masterpiece” by Jessie J 



Derby wife:


Derby motto: 
Keep your teammates close and your enemies within 10 feet of the pack. 



Why derby: I was intrigued with Roller Derby from the first time that I watched RollerJam in the 1990’s. I didn’t know if I’d ever have the opportunity to play, but when I found the Dames I knew my life was going to be forever changed! It’s an incredible sport that empowers women through camaraderie, love and respect. And no matter what life throws my way, I know that I’ve always got my quads and my team <3