301 Derby Dames
A Premier Roller Derby League in Southern Maryland

Derby Name & Number: Furie Road #13


Started skating:  I skated as a child and started derby in 2016.


Favorite position:  Anything on skates


Theme song:  Eye of the Tiger



Derby wife: derby wifeless and looking


Derby motto: Go big or go home!



Why derby:  It’s an fun, underground, and growing sport of woman of ALL shapes, sizes, orientations, diversities, ages, etc. requiring the strength, fortitude, drive, determination, mental and physical toughness of women. Those qualities are present in EVERY woman and society as a whole tries to pretend they are not in women’s nature. Those qualities are not only encouraged, but also cherished in the sport and so derby is super empowering to woman. The icing for me is that it taps into my childhood love of skating and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything in my life with the hard work and dedication I see on the track.