301 Derby Dames
A Premier Roller Derby League in Southern Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is roller derby?

The game has definitely changed from the game that your grandparents and parents used to watch every Saturday morning. The modern game of roller derby is a woman dominated sport that made its come back in Austin, TX back in 2000. Now with over 1,000 teams in the United States alone, woman’s flat track and banked track roller derby is back.

Is there any part of roller derby that is fake?

No way, the 301 Derby Dames is a competitive league. Nothing is staged.

How is the game played?

Roller derby is an aggressive, full contact sport between two teams. Each game lasts 60 minutes consisting of several 2 minute "jams". The skaters start moving on the whistle.The jammers race each other through the pack and around the track. The blockers job is to stop the opposing jammer while helping their own jammer through the pack. After the jammer completes their first lap, them may begin to score points by the number of opposing players they lap. The jam is over once the “lead jammer” calls off the jam by placing both hands on her hips or 2 minutes has expired. The team with the most total points at the end of the game wins!

What if I've never skated before/haven’t skated since I was a child?

The 301 Derby Dames accepts all skaters, no matter what their skating skill level is. We have some skaters who hadn't strapped on skates since the 70's! You too can become a derby girl!

I don’t think I’m tough enough, but I want to try derby.

That’s fine! As long as you are willing to give 110%, you will do fine in derby. It is not about who the best skater is or who’s the fastest. It is about team work, attitude, and everyone working together. The 301 Derby Dames believe in everyone growing together as a team and each person helping to become the best they can be on and off the track. We invite you to come check out an open practice and see if derby is for you!

Can guys join?

Yes! Although we are an all-female league (on the track), we welcome men as referees, non-skating officials and league volunteers. Guys (and girls) 18 and older looking to be referees can join and learn to skate with us.

What sort of volunteers do you need?

Not everyone has the desire or dedication necessary to train hard to be a roller derby player, which is okay because we need a lot of volunteers to be successful.  In order for a bout to happen we will need announcers, security, merchandisers, ticket sellers, etc. Roller derby takes a lot of outside help to make it a success.  If interested in volunteering please email, 301derbydames.management@gmail.com

Are there league dues? 

The 301 Derby Dames' league dues are $30 a month, with occasional bundling packages. As members become more involved in the league (become committee members, or co-chairs), their dues requirements decrease. 


What kind of gear is required for roller derby?

The minimum gear required for safety is helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard and most importantly, QUAD SKATES! Our league has some gear at our facility that prospective members can use to practice for a short while before they get their own gear. Other gear used is at the skater’s discretion; hip/tailbone crash pads, shin guards, etc. Gear can be costly, we recommend borrowing our leagues' gear prior to making an investment. Gear can be purchased online at various roller derby or skateboarding stores. Ask us for discount codes from our favorite skate shops! 

Are there boot camps for your league? 

Yes! Our next Fresh Meat Boot Camp begins in October. Dates are to be determined. Cost is $50 for 6 training sessions with assessments being held on the 7th week. Visit Brown Paper Tickets and search "301 Derby Dames" for more information.

How can I go about being a sponsor?

Take a look at our Sponsorship Options page! 


When does your season start?

Our season typically starts in February and goes through October.