301 Derby Dames
A Premier Roller Derby League in Southern Maryland

301 Derby Dames' Mission Statement

The 301 Derby Dames is a non-profit, skater owned and operated flat track roller derby league located in Southern Maryland. We are strong, motivated women promoting athleticism through the sport of roller derby. Our goal is to empower women and build self esteem by creating a sense of camaraderie among our members. We embrace women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels. The 301 Derby Dames train hard, play hard, and respect our teammates as well as our competitors. We strive to support and give back to our community through volunteering and raising money for local charities.

What makes us different than other leagues in the area?

I'm sure you've heard there are other roller derby leagues in the area... We are different than most roller derby leagues in that the 301 Derby Dames is a self-sustaining business. As roller derby continues to grow with hundreds of leagues nationwide, we are proud to be a part of this movement.

As individuals, we are teachers, active duty service members, veterans, accountants, mothers, lawyers, nurses, bar tenders, machinists, social service workers, journalists, designers, students, business women, sales associates, and servers. Together the 301 Derby Dames are composed of over 20 athletic, passionate, professional, and spirited people devoted to fostering sisterhood and promoting women's sports. Our league members become part of our family and create an immediate support structure for anyone in need.

As a league, we believe that everyone should play roller derby! We have all the gear you need to try it out, with zero commitment to the team and no up front cost. Skaters can borrow equipment until they are financially able to commit to buying their own gear. Whatever your current skating ability, we will teach you all the fundamental skating skills that you will need at our Open Practices. Full training is provided by our devoted coaching staff. All you need to start is some dedication and a fierce desire to get out on the rink and kick some butt! Find out what it’s really like to be a roller girl.

The 301 Derby Dames' main goal is the empowerment of all of our league members. We want all of our members to be physically and mentally healthy above all things.

Other goals include:

Hosting a series of boot camps, tournaments, and other events in an effort to raise money, giving players more bouting experience and serving as a derby steward to up and coming teams in our area.

The 301 Derby Dames want to be competitive in the Southern Maryland/Northern Virginia region, using the WFTDA ranking system and subsequently obtain and climb up that ladder as a measure of success.

We would also like to restore the reputation of roller derby as a legitimate sport worthy of press coverage.