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By: 301DD | November 14, 2018

Sometimes when life feels like it is coming apart from the seams you find yourself searching for a distraction. That was what started my affair with Roller Derby. I was living in Puerto Rico and I felt lost. My marriage was coming to an end, I lost a semester at school because my university went on strike, and to top it off my grandmother had fallen ill.

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By: 301DD | October 11, 2018

I watched my first bout in Spring 2016 and was instantly hooked and in love. I had finally found my people!

Roller Derby was filled with people like me: determined and focused people with a zest for life and a little wild side. 

By: 301DD | September 24, 2018

At a young age, I took artistic roller skating lessons at the local Wheel-a-While in Waldorf with a friend. My mom would take me skating as she thought that this would be a good opportunity to do something fun. Of course, my friends and I were the skate rats at every open skate night up until middle school when it then became “uncool” to roller skate. Rollerblading was then the new “in” thing to do. Whether roller skating or rollerblading, I was always rolling around in some form. There were times I would rollerblade around campus in college with a friend at 3 in the morning and there was even a time I took a trip to the skate park where I immediately fell on my butt and took a break for a while. As I got older though, I realized time had p...

By: 301DD | September 12, 2018

Einstein once said that, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Let me explain how roller derby helped me understand this quote.

I grew up fast, and I lived life faster. After graduating high school and finishing a little bit of college, I moved out of my parent’s house at age 19. I could have continued with college studies and quite possibly could have looked for a better paying job to keep pushing my life forward as fast as I hoped, but instead I stalled. I became obsessed with being numb. I was content on not feeling much emotion but anger or sadness and I ended up in a serious relationship that wasn’t going anywhere but down, though I clung on hoping it would fix itself. It got ...

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By: 301DD | August 29, 2018

Some people join roller derby because they need an escape from the unfortunate circumstances life seems to always throw at them at the most inopportune of times. Others join roller derby for the exercise and some people join just to feel cool. I, on the other hand, joined roller derby because a friend of mine convinced me it was what we needed to be doing with our lives. What I did not realize is, while I may not have joined roller derby to provide me a refuge from the turmoil of life,

that became exactly why I stayed.